Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care Policies

A formal contract will be completed between the Client and Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care prior to the commencement of our services. Here is a basic outline of our Policies. In the case of a dispute, the formal signed contract will over ride the policies stated below.


Cat Hotel Policies

Vaccinations & General Health

Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care requires clients to provide an up to date vaccination certificate upon arrival. Cats over the age of 6 months MUST be spayed or neutered.

Clients are expected to ensure that their cat(s) are free of fleas, parasites, viral conditions or any contagious conditions as this puts other pets at risk. Treating your cat with Advantage one week before arrival is recommended if they are not already on the program. If fleas are found during your pets stay we will treat your pet with Advantage and you will be billed for the cost.

Liability Concerns

Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care will not be held liable for the action(s) of a client, a client’s pet or a 3rd party during delivery of requested services. Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care will not be held liable for the illness / injury or death of a client’s pet as a result of the action of a Client, a Client’s pet or a 3rd party unless negligence or carelessness is demonstrated on the part of Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care.

Fullfilling Your Contract

Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care expects clients to pick up their cat(s) at the time specified in the formal signed contract. If a Client is delayed they must contact Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care to arrange a new pick up time. Messages can always be left at 250-213-7266. If your cat(s) are not picked up within 5 days of scheduled pick up and every effort has been made on the part of Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care to contact the client, the cat(s) may be considered abandoned and all costs incurred will be the responsibility of The Client. Additional days of service will be billed at the agreed amount per day if the client does not return on the scheduled day.

Emergency Care

Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care requires a Client to contact their vet and set up an account in the event your cat(s) require medical attention while in the care of Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care.

Clients agree that Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care may act on their behalf in seeking medical attention or treatment for their pet while in the care of Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care. Clients agree that this may include, but is not limited to, seeking emergency veterinarian services in the event of illness or injury. If it is an emergency your cat(s) may be taken to the closest vet (Glenview Animal Hospital). Clients agree to be liable for any and all veterinarian charges that may apply in such event. Mrs. Dolittle’s Pet Care agrees to make every reasonable attempt to contact the client prior to making such decisions, but that the care and health of the client’s pet will be prioritized above such contact. If a Client is in disagreement with this clause, a detailed Waiver of Responsibility in Event of Injury or Illness must be submitted. A $2.00 fee will be charged for cat(s) requiring medication per day.

Miscellaneous Policies

Prices subject to change.

Invoices outstanding after 7 days past the due date will be subject to a late payment amount of 10% per week until the invoice is settled.

Payment may be made by cheque, cash or e-transfer. Receipt provided up payment. E-transfers should be sent to Returned cheques will be subject to an NSF charge of $30.00.